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Persian (Tehran) High Flying Tumbler
Flying Systems Of Tehran High Flyers
When one is talking about Iranian High flyers, he is talking about several breeds, not just one specific breed of pigeon. Even though all Iranian Highflying Breeds belong to the Tumbler family, each is a different breed with it's own geographical popularity and people of interest.
The Iranian High flying Tumblers consist of breed of pigeons with breath taking color patterns, fancy ornamental (muffed and / or crested), acrobatic performers and endurance high flyers.

Among these Iranian pigeon breeds, Tehran High Flying Tumbler or Persian Highflier is the endurance flying breed originated in Cities of Kashan and Ghom and eventually Tehran. It is the most popular pigeon breed in Tehran. With Tehran population in tens of millions, this breed has found itself in thousands of lofts. In Tehran this breed has flourished to became one the best endurance flying pigeon breed and has become known as Tehranis among the local Fanciers. In other provinces in Iran, this breed is also refered to as Tehranis.

Just like any other performing breed, Persian High flyers were and are being created in several strains by the Masters of this breed. Each strain has it's own characteristics in looks as well as performance. Most are medium size birds with long primaries, secondarily and tail feathers. Some strains smaller in size than others and some with tighter feather arrangement than others. The shape of the head is also different among the various strains. But what's desired among most is medium face birds with large heads. Twelve tail feathers is dominant trait among birds in this breed even though birds with 13 or 14 tail feathers do exist. Oil gland is always present. This breed is mostly without any ornaments but peak crest even though a recessive trait does exist among some strains. Legs must be clean of feathers but I have seen some grouse leg Tehranis which is not desirable among most keepers of this breed. Just like pigeons in any other performing breed, their colors are of no importance what so ever. All eye colors are present and again of no importance at all.
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From The Loft Mr. Abraham Alizadeh, Tehran-Iran
When it comes to performance, there are some differences among different strains, just like you would find with Tipplers or other performing breeds. But in general, Persian High flyers (Tehranis) will fly slow with tail feathers mostly wide open and will never rake. Some strains tumble more than others when some may not tumble at all. Good Tehranis should not tumble too much. Tumble or not is all about the preference of the breeder. Most people competing with this breed prefer less or not tumbling birds and most have developed their own strain accordingly. They fly in short radius circles right over their loft and gain altitude quick. Eventhough they kit early on during flight, the best Tehranis are solo flyers. When released in large numbers, most will form several kits, each kit flies at a different height above each other and some birds will fly solo. The solo flyers are usually are the ones that gain altitude real fast, and the rest in small kits will follow. About an hour or two into flight higher birds start to disappear and go out of sight (Mayeh). The flight duration is different and has a lot to do with the strain and condition of the birds plus the Trainers know how. Since they are flying in small kits and mostly solo, they do not land at the same time. They land in small numbers or one by one. That's how in competition each bird's time on wing could be recorded.

I hope this provide some information to those interested in Iranian pigeon breeds especially Tehran (Persian) High Flying Tumblers.

God bless and good luck ,

Tony Mirseyedi
January, 2006
From The Loft of Mr. Abraham Alizadeh, Vancouver-Canada
From The Loft of Mr. Abraham Alizadeh, Vancouver - Canada
From The Loft of Mr. Abraham Alizadeh, Tehran-Iran
From The Loft Of Mr. Shahzad, Rasht-Iran
From The Loft Of Mr. Shahzad , Rasht Iran
Large Heads are desired in Persian High Flyers
Different looks and shapes  in Persian High Flyers