Pigeons of IRAN    
 By Tony Mirseyedi
 Tehrani's for competition 
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 Toghie Tumblers of Iran
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 Tehran Competition Birds
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 Esfahani Pigeons 
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 Crack Tumblers Of Hamedan
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 Shirazi Tumblers of Iran
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 SINEH - Pigeon of Hamedon
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Tabrizi - Pa Par 
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Iran also known as Persia, is an ancient country with a written history older than 3000 years. 
It is the cross road between Asia and Europe and her big cities were the major trade centers in routs of the Silk Road. Iran is surrounded by old countries such as India, Russia , Turkey / Ottoman Empire and Arabia, each rich with many fancy and performing pigeon breeds. Pigeons of all breeds have been traded among these civilizations for thousands of years and because of that, today in Iran one can find just about every breed of pigeon as well as unfortunately many many cross breeds of all kind.
Pigeons have a very special place among Persian people and in their culture. It's estimated that 4% of households keep some sort of pigeons in a casual fashion and about 1% in a serious manner as a way life so to speak. That's a lot of pigeons in a country of 75 million! 
Among all the different pure pigeon breeds in Iran there is a Tumbler family of pigeons that stands alone as true "Iranian" Pigeon Breeds. 
This family consist of several Tumbler breeds aka IHF's here in US . 
Each breed has his own popularity, concentrated in different regions of the country. And often the breed is named after the region or the city the are from and created.

For the most part this family of Tumblers include:

Toghie - Bred for specific Bellneck marking bred in all collors , clean legged or muffed, plain headed or peak crested. 
today this breed can be found all over the world including USA.

Shirazi - Bred in several marking such as Tail marked, White Wings, Colored head in all collors, clean legged and peak crested.
today this breed can be found all over the world including USA.

Hamedon Crack Tumblers - Saddle marking in all colors, extra long muffed legs and peak crested.
Im not sure of its existance outside of Iran.

Abadani Blacks (Zagh) - Bred in self sprerad black only with clean leg and peak crested. It MUST have pearl (white) eyes, thick white eye ceres, white wattle, white beak and yes white toe nails.
Im not sure of their existance outside of Iran.

Hamedon Sineh - Bred for its special marking in all colors.
exist in neighboring countries but not sure if any exists in Europe or USA.

Tabrizi Pa Par - Bred for their super long muffed legs with plain head in all colors.
 I'm not sure of their existance outside of Iran.

This is another Tabrizi Pa-Par breed I was recently told about which are somewhat similar to Russian Tumblers. They are bred in self white only, with elongated body, clean head and super long muffs. The longer the muffs the more valuable the specimen. They are decent flyers with frequent acrobatic performance. They are rare in Iran. I've heared of their followers in Azerbaijan but not sure of their existance anywhere else outside of Iran.

Tehrani aka Persian High Flyers - Bred in every color in selfs and grizzles but without the recessive genes, for endurance time on wing in very high altitude (even out of sight) and its slow hawk like flying style. Some strains are good tumblers as well and put on a good show during flights. Mostly bred clean legged and plain headed but grouse legged and peak crested birds are common in some strains.
​Today this breed can be found all over the world including USA. 
The first import to USA was in 1983 by Ulrich reber from Germany via Europe. 
Mistakenly it was called "Iran Roller" but the importer immediatly realized what he​ was looking at was a endurance flyer. Dan Konan wrote in his article that " the term Roller is very inappropriate for this breed, as one can only compare them to soaring hawks. More properly, they should be referred to "Hawk pigeons" or "Soaring High Flyers" as their wing loading ratio and skeletal structure more closely resembles a soaring buteo tan a pigeon".
Since then there has been several more imports of this breed in different strains of to USA and today this breed exists all over the world in many strains.